Shorba - Dal Shorba

Dal Shorba
Extract of lentils tempered with garlic and cumin

Toor dal                                   100 gm
Masoor dal                              100 gm
Onion, chopped                      40 gm
Ginger, chopped                     1 tbsp
Garlic, chopped                       1 tbsp
Green chilies, chopped            2 no
Coriander leaves                     2 sprig
Turmeric powder                     1/2 teaspoon
Cardamom large                      1 no
Cardamom small                     1 no
Garlic                                     15 cloves
Crushed Pepper corn               1 tsp
Salt                                          to taste
Ghee/oil                                   1 tsp
Cumin seeds                            1 tsp
Lemon juice                            1 tbsp

Finely chop the leaf part of coriander and keep it for garnish and keep the stem separately.
Pick,wash and soak the lentils.

How to make dal shorba
Mix together toor dal, masoor dal, chopped onion, ginger, garlic, green chillies, turmeric powder, cardamoms, coriander stem and salt.
Add 1 lit of water and bring it to boil. Simmer for fifteen minutes. Remove scum from the top from time to time. Cook until dal is  soft. Pass a through a soup strainer. Set aside.
Heat ghee/oil in a pan. Add cumin seeds and chopped garlic and cook until brown. Add pureed dal, add water to adjust the consistency, if required. Bring it to a boil. Add lemon juice and Peppercorn.
Serve piping hot garnished with finely chopped coriander leaves.

Defining Features
Colour – light yellow in colour
Flavour -  combined flavor of garlic, cumin and lemon – appetizing
Consistency – thin, watery

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Shakesh Singh


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