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jitiya - Jivitputrika or jitiya

11 top delicacies for Jivitputrika or jitiya

Jivitputrika or jitiya Jivitputrika or jitiya is a festival celebrated for the well being and prosperity of the children. Mothers fast and pray for the long life of their kids. This is mainly celebrated in the states of Bihar, Jharkhand & Uttar Pradesh. When and how to celebrate Jivitputrika/ jitiya This is a 3 days festival and starts from seventh lunar day of Krishna-Paksha in Ashvin month to ninth lunar day. As per english calendar, this festival is celebrated in September. These three days are celebrated as 1.Nahai – Khai (Satwmi) 2.Khur Jitiya or Jivitputrika day (Asthami) 3.Paaran (Naomi)
Nahai khai – This is the preparatory day and as per the rituals – Mothers take bath in the morning and take food. The food generally consists of – Pua, Kheer, Sevai Khur Jitiya or Jivitputrika day The actual festival day. Mothers observe whole day fast. They do not take water, for almost 24 hours or more. It is also customary to have Sargi, something …


Popular dishes of kashmir
Starters from Kashmir
Snacks from Kashmir

Tabakh Maaz - Fried Rack of Lamb, that has been boiled in milk and water with spices.
Kaanti – Mutton boneless cubes in red hot masala, usually eaten as a snack.
Seekh Kebab – Skewered mutton minced grilled over sigri.
Gaad talith t, Badam – Fried fish with Almonds
Nadir Monjvor – Lotus stem cutlets
Nadru Kebab – lotus stem kebab
Nader Churma – Lotus stem chips
Al posh mond – Fried pumpkin flower

Main course dishes
Non vegetarian dishes from kashmir
Rogan Josh  - lamb cooked in spicy red gravy with prominent flavor of fennel powder and ginger powder.
Yakhni  - Mutton cooked in curd based gravy, pale in colour and thin in consistency
Rista - Pounded meat balls poached in spicy red gravy.
Syoon Olav - Meat with Potatoes cooked in spicy gravy
Gustaba – Large meat balls simmered in curd based gravy
Mach t, Cher – Lamb fingures with apricot
Aab Gosht – Lamb in milk gravy
Dhaniwal Korma – Mutton cooked in coriander flavoured gravy
Kaliya – Lamb in yellow gravy
Kokur Masala – Chicken Masala
Kokur Yakhni – Chicken cooked in curd based gravy
Gaad t. Nadir – fish cooked with lotus stem
Gaad t, Muj – Fish cooked with radish
Gaad t, Aar – fish cooked with plum
Haak t, thool – Eggs with kashmiri greens

Vegetarian Dishes of kashmir
Lyodur Tschaman  - Cottage Cheese cooked in creamy yellow coloured gravy
Dum Oluv - Whole Potatoes cooked in spicy red gravy over slow flame in a sealed vessel.
Nadir-Waangan - lotus stems with Brinjal
Raazma-Gogji  - Kidney Beans with Turnip

Rice dishes from Kashmir –
Bath – steamed rice
Taher t, Charvan - Yellow rice with liver
Neni Pulao – Mutton Pulao
Yakhni Pulao – Mutton and rice cooked in mutton stock
Modur Pulaav - Sweet Pulao with lots of dry fruits & nuts, usually served as a dessert
Kangach Pulao -  Mushroom (morel/guchhi) pulao

Breads from Kashmir/ Popular breads from Kashmir
Cher Chot – Rice flour Pancakes
Bakarkhani – Rich bread made from fermented dough
Roth – deep fried sweet bread
Girda/Roti - Tandoori bread with finger impressions . it is golden brown from top but white on other side.
Lawaas - unleavened flat bread, white in colour and made of refined flour.
Czochworu - kashmiri donut.
Tilowar - Small tandoor baked bread with sesame seeds on top
Kulcha - tandoor baked sall, hard and crumbly bread, usually round in shape.
Krippè- very rich bread similar to sheermal served with kehwa.
Katlam - Flaky bread enjoyed with tea

Side dishes –

Muj Chettin Doud Dhar - Grated Radish in Youghurt
Doon Chetin - Walnut Chutney
Sheer Chai - Pink salty Tea

Kehwa - Kashmiri green Tea

kashmiri dishes
kashmiri cuisine
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