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Baby Food
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Dec 28th, 2015
One of very important days in our life. ……
The day when we got blessed with our son – Rishit.
The day when we became parents. (and also one of my friend - Tom Thomas got married.... )
This was and this is still.... an amazing feeling, difficult to put into words. … but really really AMAZING.

Our life got changed. Our priorities got shifted but we were enjoying every bit of this. Gradually, Rishit completed 6 months and we had his Annaprashan (Muh Joothi) ceremony. He got introduced to cereals, vegetables, lentils and whole lot of non – milk meals. So far …. everything seems to be good. The life was going smooth. But suddenly he started avoiding milk. We never thought that he would start refusing this. ….. And then our time changed… … Sneha tried daliya and khichri. He ate them once, then he had this 2nd time also and 3rd time … started crying at the top of his voice. We well helpless and but What to do… ?? Later, Sneha tried changing the flavors and this he could take at least couple of spoons. Then we realized that we should have some variations so that he does not get bored. Luckily we have lots of good people around, who helped us with the options. We made a list and started following that.
Hmmm, the life was becoming smooth and this list become longer…..
And one day, we realized that, most of the parents have to struggle like us and so we decided to do something for them. And eventually that list has taken the form of this e – book. plz click this link -

I thank my friends and colleagues (Ranojit kundu, Peeyush Srivastav, Divya Thakur, Rachna Chandan, Gagan Soni & Sunita Bhadwar) for sharing some valuable tips and dishes that they have been giving to their kids. Special Thanks to my Editor Mr. Sudhir Pillai, for his meticulous job.

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