Basic Marinades used in Indian Kitchen

Basic Marinades used in Indian Kitchen

Given below are some very basic marinades that can be used for any of the main meats: Chicken, Mutton or Fish.

For traditional Indian
Tandoori Dahi Masala

Hung Curd                              1 kg
Cream                                      20 ml
Lemon juice                            1 tbsp
Red chilly powder                  1 tsp
Yellow chilly powder             1 tsp
Ginger paste                            1 tbsp
Garlic paste                             2 tsp
Garam masala                         1 tsp
Haldi                                       ½ tsp
Malt vinegar                           1 tbsp
Javitri powder                         a pinch
Elachi powder                         a pinch
Salt                                          to taste

In a bowl, whisk hung curd very well, add all the ingredients and mix them thoroughly until smooth paste.

This marination is used for chicken, fish, prawn and paneer kebabs.

White Marinade
White paste
Cheese                              1 kg
Coriander steam               3 tbsp
Green chillies                   2 tbsp
Cream                              1 liter
Egg                                   1 no 
White pepper powder      1 tsp
Curd                                 200gm
Cashewnut Paste              250 gm (optional)

Take a flat vessel, grate cheese and mash it with your palm. Add egg white and mix it with cheese and rub until the cheese dissolves.
Add cream gradually mixing the cheese mixture.Add the cashew paste (if using) and the other ingredients and mix thoroughly.

This marination is used mainly for chicken kebabs.

Green marinade

Green paste
Corriander leaves         1 kg
Mint leaves                   250 gm
Boiled spinach              200 gm
Green chillies               100 gm

Hung Curd                       500 gm
Ginger garlic paste          50 gm
Salt                                    tt
Yellow chilly powder       2 tsp
Garam Masala                  1 tbsp
Mustard oil                       50 ml

Clean and wash the coriander leaves, mint leaves and green chillies. Grind them with boiled spinach to a smooth paste.

Whisk the hung curd, ginger garlic paste, salt, yellow chilly powder, garam masala and add the mustard oil.

This marination is generally used for fish, chicken and paneer kebabs.

Basic Marinades used in Indian Kitchen/Basic Marinades used in Indian cuisine/Basic Marinades used in Indian Tandoori section - Shakesh Singh

Red Marinade

Hung curd                                                  1 kg
Ginger garlic paste                                     50 gm
Red chilly paste                                         50 gm
Salt                                                             tt
Garam masala Pd                                       30 gm
Lemon juice                                              30 ml
Cream                                                        50 ml

In a bowl, whisk hung curd very well, add all the ingredients and mix them thoroughly until smooth paste.

This marination is used for chicken, mutton and paneer kebabs.

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