Sauces - Basic Sauces - Mother Sauces

Shakesh Singh- what is sauce, what are mother sauces

Sauce is hot and cold seasoned liquid either served with, or used in cooking, of a dish. 

Sauces also contribute in following ways -  
Uses of Sauce/whar are uses of Sauce
  1.         Sauces adds to the texture of a particular dish
  2.         It enhances the taste. 
  3. ·        It also increases the visual appeal of the dish
  4. ·        Sauces also increases the nutritional value of the dish
  5. ·        It adds moisture to the dish.

Characteristics of a Good Sauce
  •         A keen sense of smell
  •         Delicate sense of taste
  •         Right consistency

Normally a sauces should be served with every kind of dish – whether it is sweet, savory hot or cold. There are some combinations and some sauces have to be served with a particular dish. For example –
  • ·        Roast Pork is served with apple sauce
  • ·        Roast turkey is accompanied by cranberry sauce

Sauces adds to the flavor, texture, nutritive value etc of the dish but it should never change the main flavor of the dish rather it should complement the dish.

Component of a Sauce
  • ·        Liquid
  • ·        Thickening Agents
  • ·        Seasoning
  • ·        Flavoring

Basic Sauces/Basic Mother Sauces
Roux based sauces/ mother sauces/ basic sauces

what are mother sauces -
These are the basic foundation sauces that are used to make other sauces.
  • Bechamel Sauce
  • Espagnole Sauce
  • Veloute Sauce
  • Hollandaise Sauce
  • Mayannaise Sauce
  • Tomato Sauce

Thickening Agents
Seasoning Agents
Flavouring Agents
White Roux
Salt n Pepper
Onion, cloves, bayleaf  n Nutmeg
Brown Roux
Salt n Pepper
Bouquet Garni, Tomatoes & Red wine
Blond Roux, liason/cream
Salt n Pepper
Tarragon, Mirepoix, bouquet garni
Clarified Butter
Egg yolks
Salt n Pepper, cayenne pepper
Lemon juice, Tarragon
Egg yolks
Salt n Pepper,
Mustard, vinegar
Brown Stock
Brown Roux
Salt n Pepper
Tomatoes, Mirepoix

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