Food Photography,Food Stylist and Plate Presentation

What is Food Photography 

Food photography is a type of photography that deals with capturing still photographs of Food. This includes the complete range of dishes that we eat and drink. Then it also includes the ingredients, spices, packed foods etc. Now day’s food photographers are in demand and these photographs are used for various advertisements, cook books, websites, magazines, packaging and other promotional activities.

setting the lights and plate for food photography in New Delhi

Food photography is very different from the other forms of photography – as the object that we capture is …. You know…. It’s – FOOD. We can ask a model, having photo shoot, to turn little left or little right, we can ask the object (the model for example) to smile or to give a better expression. However, in case of Food Photography we cannot ask the tandoori chicken to smile or we cannot asked the burger to turn left. This is what makes it different and one of most difficult genre of Photography. Here, we got to create this… however, most of the greatest Photographers says – Best photographs are captured not created.

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This creation of the object (for food photography) calls for an expert that specialises in presenting the food for Camera….

 We call them FOOD STYLIST.

The food photographers work with a team of 
  • Art Director
  • Food Stylist
  • Prob Stylist
  • Assistants and May be Chefs

The role of food stylist is to present the food in front of the camera, most of the time this food is not suitable to eat. Plate presentation and Food styling aims to increase the eye appeal of the food but Food styling should not be confused with Plate Presentations, as these two are completely different.

#Difference between Plate Presentation and Food Styling

Plate Presentation
Food Styling
Plate Presentation is done for the guests
Food Styling is done for the camera
The purpose is to feed the guest
The purpose is to capture image
The food  must be eatable
The food may and may not be eatable
Plate Presentation is done by the Chefs
Food stylist is done by the Food Stylist
The food is prepared using original ingredients and by following a standard recipe.
The food is just an object to be captured, it may be an original ingredient or may be a look alike..
Artificial ice/ sprays and other things are used.
Plate presentation is done in the kitchen or Pantry
Food Styling is done in some Studio or at the site. It requires lots of equipments.

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