lunch in Bihar

bihari lunch, bihari khana

Excerpts from - bhansa ghar 
                                 home grown flavours .....from the kitchens  of Bihar
Lunch basically consists of the thali. An ideal vegetarian thali generally consists of dal (lentil), bhaat (rice), roti (breads), tarkari (vegetable preparation), bhunjia (dry vegetable preparation), chokha (mashed vegetable), ratoba (raita), bajaka (shallow fried vegetables and cereals with gram flour), chutney, achar (pickles), and papad. The non-vegetarian would have meat (mutton), machli (fish), murga (chicken) or anda (eggs).
Sometimes, a few unique combinations like bari jhor-bhat, kadhi-bhat replaces the dal. In the same way there could be besan ki subzi, saag, kofta etc.

Kadhi bari is also popular among the people of Bihar and consists of fried soft dumplings made of different lentils and vegetables that are cooked in spicy gravy. This dish makes its best combination with boiled rice. 

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