Breakfast dishes of Bihar

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Excerpts from -- bhansaghar by Shakesh Singh

Morning Tea and Breakfast
For most people the day starts with a cup of tea. Apart from readymade tea they also have lal chai (red tea) and nimbu chai (lemon tea).
A simple vegetable dish and roti form the first meal of the day or it could be paratha-bhunjia. Breakfast also has different sattu preparations, like sattu sharbat, litti, sattu paratha etc. Items like kachori, poori-aloo dum, chini wali roti, chiri puri (chilha/pancake made from flour batter) are also popular.

In some parts of Bihar the all time favorite breakfast is chura-dahi (pressed rice with a thick coating of creamy curd). During summer the same chura is consumed with mango pulp, and this dish is called chura aam.

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