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Indian Kitchen
Previously, Indian kitchen was considered to be a scared place/corner of the house, having restricted entry to some authorized members only. Even in commercial kitchen the same rules were followed, the entry was restricted to the maharajs (the master chefs) and his team. Every one is suppose to take bath before the entry.Tasting of food was not permissible at any cost, until is it offered to God. This show the level of culinary skill, satisfying than modern style cooking.
The food was made in clay or brass pots and the fuel used to the wood or charcoal. It could be the possible obvious reasons why traditional cooking tastes better and is moreBesides this the pure ingredients, seasonal and regional character, delicate variety of seasonings, make it unmatched.

With due course of time and with every pace of development and advancement, the cooking patterns/methods and the setup have changed remarkably. Today’s Indian kitchens are very different. It is also equipped with every type of latest gadgets that facilitates the cooking. Even the commercial kitchens are well designed and equipped like the Continental, Chinese, Garde manger or any other kitchen. Again it has different sections like the Continental kitchen has – the soup, the Roast and the Vegetable sections; In Indian Kitchen, except some regions of the south India that has not included the tandoor cooking; we have our Tandoor, 
Gravy and 
the Halwai section.

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