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jitiya - Jivitputrika or jitiya

11 top delicacies for Jivitputrika or jitiya

Jivitputrika or jitiya Jivitputrika or jitiya is a festival celebrated for the well being and prosperity of the children. Mothers fast and pray for the long life of their kids. This is mainly celebrated in the states of Bihar, Jharkhand & Uttar Pradesh. When and how to celebrate Jivitputrika/ jitiya This is a 3 days festival and starts from seventh lunar day of Krishna-Paksha in Ashvin month to ninth lunar day. As per english calendar, this festival is celebrated in September. These three days are celebrated as 1.Nahai – Khai (Satwmi) 2.Khur Jitiya or Jivitputrika day (Asthami) 3.Paaran (Naomi)
Nahai khai – This is the preparatory day and as per the rituals – Mothers take bath in the morning and take food. The food generally consists of – Pua, Kheer, Sevai Khur Jitiya or Jivitputrika day The actual festival day. Mothers observe whole day fast. They do not take water, for almost 24 hours or more. It is also customary to have Sargi, something …

Maharashtra Sadan - The Raid

Hi… I am just back from Maharashtra Sadan. I had gone there with the FED (Food Enthuaistic of Delhi- a group of foodies lead by Shashank) for a raid on the Maharastrian Food.
Maharashtra Sadan is located  on Copernicus Marg, near Mandi House. This is the State liaison center and guest house at Delhi. It has an outlet that serves Maharastrian Food. I had read a lot and had also heard a lot about this place from Poonam (The only Maharastrian in our office). Poonam is a great foodie, so I trusted her without a single percent of doubt. This week, I got the email from shashak and got to know about this raid.   
Once I reached there, did not fond the interior and others stuff impressive and thought that this place has made its name because of the quality of Food. The menu was even simple or the simplest consisting of 6 pages. I got the first shock to see some of the Maharashtrian dishes on the first page and rest of the pages were loaded with Punjabi, Chinese and mughlai, a sort of eclecticism which is never a good sign.
We ordered for Kolhapuri Mutton, Kolhapuri Chicken and fried fish in non veg, some breads (bakhri), Rice, Dal, Some vegetables and Lassi. Some of us ordered the Veg Maharastrian Thali. Some of us also enquired for the non – veg Thali, but that option was not available there.
The fried fish was ok.. going well with the green chutney and one peculiar green chilli chutney. The Kolhapuri chicken was pathetic – chicken cooked in some thin gravy. The Mutton Kolhapuri had an interesting curry, quite spicy, but then the meat itself was a huge disappointment. It seemed boiled, without any flavour of the meat coming through.
We were 14 non vegetarian and 12  vegetarian. I was seating in front of a lady from CAG India, who has travelled a lot, possessed quite good knowledge of Food. She explained the kolhapuri preparations to every body and I guess she was most disappointed amongst us. When, I revealed by identity (of being a chef), there was sudden change in the focus. I explained some of the things about Maharastrian Food and some thing about north – west Frontier Cuisine and the hydrabadi cuisine as well. But I kept it very short and concentrated on the Kolhapuri Mutton and the Bakhari. Somehow, the Bakhari was excellent. Some one offered me the bharli vangi - a brinjal and peanuts dish, it had a very different flavor but again very far from the authentic.
The group started giving marks out of 10, that just revolves between 3 and 5 only. I asked if any one wanted to have some thing more, I wanted to fill my dummy then we ordered puran poli, some one ordered Shrikhand. The Shrikhand arrived first, I had just half a spoon of it, but it tastes good. Later on comes the Puram poli, every one raided the plate. The person seating in front – right asked me to get a pieces atleast. I took 3 of them, tasted 1 and offered 2 to the gentleman, thinking he is still hungry. And I felt proud of my students, who prepared Maharashtra menu a week ago during their practicals.

Over all, the Maharastian Sadan could not impress me. But, it was really a great experience to have my lunch with FED. Hope, to raid other places with the wonderful peoples…  


Very well written review about Maharashtrian food at Maharashtra Sadan. Seems there is a bit lacking there and, who is better to understand, analyze and explain it his own unimitable style than Chef Shakesh Singh. Excellent Work !
Very well written review about Maharashtrian food at Maharashtra Sadan. Seems there is a bit lacking there and, who is better to understand, analyze and explain it his own unimitable style than Chef Shakesh Singh. Excellent Work !
Nice post, I bookmark your blog because I found very good information on your blog, Thanks for sharing more informatiom

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