Wow !! what a wonderul moment it is...
A new year and a new semester to begin. January is a time for new beginnings. It’s a time for new resolutions and it’s a time for festivals. Some of these include: the Festival of Sleep Day & Humiliation Day on the 3rd, Bean Day on the 6th, Bubble Bath Day on the 8th,Our own lohari, maker sanskrant and Republic Day.

Wishing you all a very happy New Year..... Heaps of happiness and Success.

On the Top of this, we have a new cuisine to master (actually - not new), this is our own- our very own Indian Cuisine. This week we will have a very simple - yet delicious North Indian Thali. You can find some informations abot Thali in my previous blog post (just below this post) and to get the actual menu and recipe please click on the Students Corner. This is specially created for you (my students at BCIHMCT + who think he is ...from different parts of the globe) where you will get all the menu and notes, Looking forward to see you … Recharged and Loaded with lots of enthusiasm.
All The Best…..

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