Hara Kabab
There is drastic change between the Hara kabab, we had at a 5 star party and what we have prepared today, uttered pulkit one of our students after tasting the delectable Hara kabab. In the past, when ever I had the kabab it was always very oily and taste was dominated by potatoes, He added further. This is what most of the Banquets are serving today- In my opinion this kabab (that pulkit had before) ishould be explained as -Spinach paste mixed with boiled Potatoes mash, seasoned with plenty of chat masala powder and deep fried. Something that will make you smile, something that will tell you regarding degradation of the quality of this Kabab.

Hara kebab is a delicacy and as the name suggest it should be prepared with fresh green vegetables. The potatoes should be added in minimal just to bind them together.This is a perfect amalgamation of vegetables, delectable spices and flavourings. There could be some rich stuffing in its elaborate form.
Our students of 2nd year have understood this very well and have spent hours in its preparation.The final product was slightly more than excellent and for most of them, the quality was something they never tasted before… awesome!!

Here is the Secret –
It should be made using fresh green vegetables.
Once the vegatables are boiled it should be pat dried.
Limited quantities of mashed potatoes should be added.
It should be delicately flavoured.
It should be cooked on Mahi Tava or hot plate with some addition of ghee and never deep fried.
Recipe –
Boiled carrots 200 gm

Boiled Beans 300 gm

Boiled Peas 200 gm

Boiled Spinach 300 gm

Boiled Potatoes 100gm

Roasted Chana Dal Powder 50 gm

Green coriander (chopped) 2 tbsp

Ginger (chopped) 1 tbsp

Green chillies 1 tsp

Salt tt

Chat masala 1 tsp

Yellow chilly powder 1 tsp

Javitri elachi powder ¼ tsp

Garam Masala Powder 1tp

Ghee For shallow frying


Squeeze excess water from boiled vegetables and roughly chop them

Pass the boiled chana dal and make a paste of it. Mash the boiled potatoes then add all the ingredients and mix well to form a smooth paste.

Divide the mixture into 20 equal portions and make roundles.

press it between your palms and then folding it back to give it a shape of a tikki.


Heat and grease a mahi tawa or griddle with some ghee and place the kababs in it. Then put on very slow flame. Melt little more ghee and pour on the kebabs when required.

When the sides of the kebabs appear to be of light brown colour, take them out.

Dishing Technique

Arrange neatly on a plater, sprinkle some kebab masala, and garnish it with onion rings,

lemon wedges and some carved salad of your choice. Serve with mint chutney

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