Indian Spices - Masala

Indian Spices/masala - Simplifying Indian Cuisine

India has been known as the land of spices. In fact had it not been for the famous “spice route”, India would not have been the preferred trade destination for the Portuguese, British, Persians and other people from all over the world, and neither would it have been invaded by so countries as well.

Indian cuisine without spices holds little meaning, and no Indian dish is complete without a smattering of spices. However, each region loves to use specific spices in its dishes, so much so that no state can manage to replicate what the other state has to offer to your taste buds. While South Indian states are known for their excessive use of tamarind, Northern states are known for their attachment to cumin seeds, similarly the eastern part is known for its preference to a mixture of 5 spices known as ‘panchforan. and use of mustard seeds & curry leaves are prominent in western part of the country.

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