Indian Cuisine

Indian Cuisine - The Regional Cuisines of India (Simplifying Indian Cuisine)
A country so huge that it seems there are many a countries within, that’s India. From Kashmir, to gujrat to Punjab to kerla, rajasthan to Bengal,each state offers a unique cuisine. Diverse climates ranging from deep tropical forests to the alpine forests have played a huge role in determining and providing flexibility to the culinary arts of the people. Think unity in diversity and not only political but culinary images too spring up with amazing immediacy.

If Utter Pradesh throws up the petha, kheer, halwa and other sweet delicacies, can Bengal be far behind with its rasogullas. If fishes from Bengal have been your favourite, say would not you go for the Konkani or the goan fish preparations?
Food is eaten with One’s hand. There is nothing as successive courses, as found in Western meals. The same Thali /Leaf is used for the entire meal. Throughout India, along with the staple cereal is served one dal, a vegetable , a curd or curd preparation, pickle, papad, & if meal is non.veg meat,chicken, fish as a main dish .

Regional cuisine is influenced by staple cereal available in the area. Wheat is the main crop of north India, while rice is the staple of south Indian states. The cooking medium varies , ghee, is used more prolifically in the north, mustard oil in Bengal , coconut oil in Kerela & Karnataka , peanut oil in Western India .Ghee ,however has the pride to place all Indian cuisine.

The regional cuisine has been influenced by the geography, history, religion, customs & economics. In this vast country, food, flavors & food habits varies from religion to religion and some where from village to village.

Indian cuisines are as different as cheese, but there seems to be some invisible threads that bind all cuisines from the length and breadth of the country.

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