Types of kebab

A.Grilled or Tandoori

B.Shallow Frilled or Tawa

Tandoori kebabs

These are types of kebabs consisting of small pieces of meat or vegetables threaded on skewers and grilled in tandoor.

Tandoori kebab made tandoori cuisine famous worldwide. It is made with chicken, lamb meat or vegetables, it is mostly prepared with a mix of spices, and cooked in a tandoor with skewers. The radiant heat from the tandoor slowly cooks the meat and due to the lack of direct heat from the fire, the juices remain inside while adding flavour, keeping the meat's moisture intact. It is usually served with a variety of Indian breads, along with onions and mint sauce.

Tawa kebabs (Shallow fried)

These are the category of kebab that are cooked on a flate tawa (like mahi tawa) with some amount of fat.

The tundai kebab, Shami kebab, Shikampuri kebab are some of the shallow fried kebabs.

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