Cricket in its new avtar

Let’s go for a walk, said suprabhat (my colleague and friend with whom I finished my lunch, in fact a heavy lunch). Yes, we will walk the talk I said little firmly. The moment we stepped out from the building, we felt that the day is quite warm but inside our building it’s still cold. Within a minute, some of our colleague also joined us and we decided to take our talk, and the walk off course, towards the Estate parking.

We have our office in a unique building, this got chilled in winters and other such stuffs…., all of us were discussing the special features of our office. In the mean time, I noticed some of our student in the same unused open parking space. From a distance, it seems that they doing catch practice. when we came closer, I thought they are trying to target some stone ….. I could understand. I stopped there for a while and tried to understand the game. I failed …. I failed again (this time, to keep patience), What are you playing, I asked them little impatiently. Sir, Leg Cricket… said ravi with his cute smile, before I could say anything they added – Sir, we are not allowed to bring the cricket bat, I hope the management would not ban our new format of cricket.

I remain speechless for few seconds, also felt pity for them. But at the same time I felt very proud of them, who invented the new format of cricket for themselves. While coming back from the walk, I stand there for couple of minutes. They seemed to be extremely delighted playing their own game, they were taking runs, encouraging each others, expressing their emotions and the best part was that all of them were honest, completely involved and having the highest level of team spirit.

I also noticed Gaurav and Ankit, clapping and encouraging his team, who used be on silent mode in most of the classes. That was really a pleasure watching them. And the most satisfying thing was that they are good in team exercise as well as have the abilities to lead, the only thing they need is the involvement. I clicked few snaps, then they asked me to join. I said no, but honestly I also wanted to try my leg on this Cricket…… What if Mr. Lalit came to know about this ?…. There could be possibility if ILCL – Indian leg cricket league, New opportunity for him??

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