Pohe - From Ms. Poonam Anand


Shakesh, you will have sandwiches? No thanx, I replied to Ms Poonam Anand – My colleague/friend who is a great Foodie and an excellent chef. Ok then you have this pohe, pointing towards a blue coloured circular lunch box that would be at least 8 inches in diameter. Pohe – I repeated with enthusiasm and got ready with the fork. Reshma (another lady in this gathering) passed on the lunch box to me. I opened it with lots of excitement but remained speechless for next 15 seconds.

It was just 2 spoons of pohe left and we were 3 persons (me, Reshma and Peeyush Sir) to share. I can not go further without mentioning Mr Peeyush Srivastav – He is gem of personality, my editor, friend and elder brother, whom I use to call – Motta Bhai (Gujrati for Elder Brother), but today whole chandiwala calls including our director Mr. Gupta calls him by the same name. We managed to taste the spoonful of pohe and then started the round of appreciation from Reshma & motta bhai.

“I can never make this quality of poha Poonam – Hats off to you. Tell me how to make this excellent stuff’ I asked Poonam in appreciation of her poha. But before she utter a single Motta bhai started giving us some tips to make better pohe, and we had no options. Once he was done, Poonam started explaning the preparation –

You heat some oil in a kadhai, add some curry leaves, mustard leaves, green chillies and a pinch of hing. Let them crackle then add some chopped onions, haldi powder and cubes of boiled potatoes. Then add the pohe (churwa/flattened rice). It should not be soaked in water otherwise it will become halwa – She warned us.

And when do we add the coconut, asked Reshma who seems to be most sincere listener/follower, as if she is going to try the recipe (that she never does).It was actually the interest, passion and commitment that Poonam has, anyone can become her follower.

Yes, you can add the grated coconut and finely chopped coriander leaves in the end (eyes wide opened and hands in the air). She finished ensuring that the pohe is garnished properly.

What a great Passion she has? And personally I believe its not only Poonam but there are hundreds/thousands of food lovers who prepare excellent food and they are much better than the professional Chefs.

Remember the ginger tea you prepared for your wife in foggy evening of December or the chicken and whisky preparation you did with your friends, the Rajma that fetched you accolades from your mother-in-law. How can you forget your maggi parties of your hostel, the Saturday barbeque at your Penthouse or the chocolate fantasies? All of us have a chef in side us, and we all want to have something new, something different. There must be something that you like most and if you want others to know and taste it leaves share it with all of us through this website.

Send all such stories, if possible with photographs (dishes + yours) to shakesh@cuisineindia.in and I will post it here.


MANISH said...

as i m not able to tast on system but looking very delicious. thanks for submitting such a cute photo of pohe. i wana eat it "with mr. shakesh".

alok said...

Bhaiya plz start story book

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