Work for Excellence and Success will follow you

We work for excellence, uttered, one of my second year student, who is topper of his batch and the student of the year 2009- Saumil srivastava. And the success will follow you, I completed the statement. (The statement of Aamir khan, Raju Hirani or Chetan Bhagat --- controversial … let it be Baba Ramchor das Chanchal or Mr. Wangroo)

This was actually the end of my briefing, when we discussed Awadh cuisine - the great cuisine of Present lucknow and its surrounding areas. This is, no doubt, one of India’s richest cuisine, this is the cuisine that has given us the Dumpukht style of cooking, the melt in mouth kebab. Yes, the most tender and delectable Kakori Kebab. And also some family of highly skilled chefs/ royal chefs – like the kureshies. There is a brand of restaurant managed by ITC hotels by the name of Dumpukt, which has been managed by one of the qureshi (except recent chefs) as their Chef in charge.

Dumpukt is a special cooking method used for maturation of dish. And probably after knowing this, the students also become matured enough to shoulder their responsibility.

There was something different in their body language, something new thing in their eyes.

They wanted to prove themselves or probably wanted to innovate something. But it was lovely to see them with lots of positive energy, with lots of determination to do something. All of them had abundance team spirits and very high level of coordination. Perhaps they have got and understood the message of Mr. wangroo, or become matured after knowing Dumpukt – Need to ask them.

And It was even better to see the response of other batch, who showed the same degree of coordination and responsibility.

Before discussing Dum Pukht, I just want to thank them and wish that they remain in same form. And for this change & development, I want to thank Mr. wangroo.

Dum Pukht–

Dum literally means steam. It is a method of cooking food on very low flame,with the help of steam entrapped in a sealed containers.

It allows the Partial cooked ingredients to cook, in their own juices and bone-marrow, if it is meat and thus regarded as the maturation of the dish.

The technique is more than 200 years old.Tradidionally dum pukht cooking uses a round, heavy – bottom pot/handi in which food is tightly sealed and cook over slow fire. The container is sealed traditionally with a dough that is spread, , like a lid, over the container, to seal the foods. This is known as a purdah (veil),on cooking it becomes a bread which has absorbed the flavours of the food and the two are best eaten together.Some times, a metal lid is used to cover the handi and some coal is placed on the lid to ensure proper heat from top and below.

Dum Pukht food is about aroma and flavour. there are also some fresh herbs andspices used for flavouring, and the steam is entrapped inside,so the dish retains all the aroma and flavours. when the seal is broken the fragrance of the dish floats in the air.

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