The Search of BETTER Chicken

Butter chicken or the Murg Makhni is the most popular chicken preparation in India and abroad. As we all know it is actually a tandoori chicken that is cooked in tomato based gravy. But if we talk about the texture – It is silky smooth, creamy and have excellent mouth filling qualities. This smooth texture would probably be the reason for its name – Murg Makhni. Or Butter Chicken. which is offcourse filled with lots of butter. It is also characterized by the fragrance of Kasoori methi.

 If we look into the origin of this dish, Kundan Lal Gujral(a migrant from north west frontier who opened The moti mahal reastaurant) claims to invent it, who actually started cooking the extra tandoori chicken with tomato based gravy (in order to moisten the dried pieces of chicken). This preparation has off course undergone various upgradations to reach its present form.

 Today, when this dish has become favourites world wide, its fats content(cholesterol) restrict us to relish it completely, And this actually make us think why don’t we have some Better Chicken in place of the Butter Chicken. I mean why dont we try it with some other cooking medium(Refined oil, olive oil, nutralite, or any other fat with low cholestrol).

we at BCIHMCT, New Delhi are trying to find out alternate cooking medium for the same Butter chicken.The idea is to avoid high fat content but to relish the same flavour, aroma and off course the same silky texture (makhni without makhan). You are also requested to try out the same and would apprecialte you share the same with us. This would lead us towards a healthier society.

So, please come and join the Search for the Better Chicken or Makhni without Makhan!!

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Wishing you all a better Luck ...

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