The Future is Here

“HUM DUNIYAN KE SABSE BADE KALAKAR HAI” This was actually the title of one of my articles that got proved once again in the Students’ Chef Competition at BCIHMCT, New Delhi.

On 10th march, 2010 the students exhibits their talent and creativity in their own style that kept the viewer ponder on the dimensions of a chef’s creativity. As explained by Mr. Amitabh Bacchan in his movie CHEENI KUM, the masterpiece of a painter just appeals the eyes of viewer. But a chef’s creation pleases all the senses; it is a delight for the eyes, a feeling to our skin, and an aroma for nose and a feast for our taste buds.

The students prepared a menu of their own, using their imagination and the outcome made me speechless – There were chicken with some rarely available herbs, at the same time chicken with jumbo chilies, there were spaghetti & fish with the unique sauce (off course prepared by my students), so how the Mutton chops & Prawns be left behind. The traditional tricone parantha and the matar paneer was available in its new avatar. On the other hand the home made - rather student’s made special cottage cheese was seen with never seen before grapes marinade. There were also some of delicacies with wine and with the whisky. . . . I am sure these delicacies would have activate your saliva and you would be dying to taste it but I can bet - once you see the plate (Plate presentation) you will not feel like spoiling the masterpiece - MIND BLOWING.

One just can not imagine their imagination. Hats off to these Future Chefs!!

Laveen Mirg & Himanshu Chadha

                                                                                                                                                                                          Paneer With Grapes Marinade
        By Pradeep & Himani

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