Chefs - The Greatest Artist


This line by Mr. Amitab Bachchan in CHEENI KUM, clearly explains  the dimensions of a chef’s creativity(Art).He elaborated that the masterpiece of any painter just attracts the eyes of viewer. But a chefs creation tingles all the senses, it gives offers something worth watching to our eyes, a feeling to our skin, aroma for nose and satisfies our tastes buds,

Chef is a business person, a scientist and a cultural explorer. Chefs are dynamic and so their profession is. Cooking can be exciting, creative adventures with imagination. It is one of the most satisfying arts. A wonderful part of it is that it is easy to master - The more you learn the simpler it becomes.

Creative cooking can be fun!! It provides some of the greatest challenges as well as some of the greatest rewards. There is always another level of perfection to achieve and skill to master. But unfortunately, many people see only the glamorous side of it and fail to understand that this is a tiny part of the picture. The people does not see years of training, the long hours and the tremendous pressure that lie behind, the success of the greatest artist.

Let’s see what it takes to be the greatest artist.

• Passion
• Creative Mind
• Feeling of service
• Dedication.

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~Romil said...

...and not to mention these artists mint good money everywhere around the world, wish I was a chef. ;)

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